Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pam and Sue's Pilot 
screening at the New York Television Festival
Mon. Oct. 22nd 6:00PM
Wednesday Oct. 24th 7:20 PM
Tribeca Cinemas

Cast & Credits
Executive Producers: Pam Murphy and Sue Galloway
Writers: Pam Murphy and Sue Galloway
Directors: Mitch Magee, Rebecca Drysdale, Todd Bieber, Lucia Aniello, and Paul Downs
Principal Cast: Pam - Pam Murphy, Sue - Sue Galloway, Barbershop Bass - Jeff Hiller, Barbershop Tenor - Tony Rodriguez, Barbershop Alto - Amy Heidt, Actor on stage #1 - Jeff Hiller, Actor on stage #2 - Paul Downs, Voice of Chester - John Lutz, Body of Chester - Chester Murphy
Program Notes
 Delve into the minds of Pam and Sue, where the mundane becomes the absurd, everyday situations become unexpectedly funny, and anything is possible. Of course, that also means that giving simple directions can become a run for your life, a hair salon can transform into a nightclub, and your co-worker might be the strangest person you will ever meet.

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