Pam Murphy is a writer, actor and comedian who recently moved to LA from New York City.  Pam has been performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2003.  

You can currently see Pam perform every Tuesday night 7PM at the UCB Franklin Theatre with Tuesday Club in her new solo show Tales of a Juvenile Delinquent.  Pam's show The C Word, directed by Rebecca Drysdale, was named The Best Solo Show of the Year by Time Out New York magazine and nominated for an ECNY Award.  

Pam has voiced characters for the Pixar's Monsters University, appeared on Angel from Hell, Another Period, Conan, Chasing Life, 30 Rock, Happy Endings, Key & Peele, Comedy Bang! BangLate Night with Jimmy Fallon, Welcome to Sweden, The Jeselnik Offensive, and more plus a bunch of commercials and a ridiculous amount of internet videos.

Pam and Sue, a pilot that she co-wrote and stars in with Sue Galloway was an Official Selection in the New York Television Festival.  

Past UCB credits include performances with the Harold teams Havana Clambake. Killebrew and Kill Your Darlings, DeCoster, Standard Oil, the Maude team Slow Burn, and in the UCBT shows let's Have a Ball, Death by Roo Roo, Killgore:The New Blood, B-Roll: Fact or Fiction, Sketch Cram, Glue Trap Theatre, Blackout, The Hogwarts Improvisation Society, The It Sucked Awards, Marx the Spot and as an Irish superhero in The Iron Sheikh and Friends.

When not performing, Pam spends her free time spoiling her skittish dog.
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